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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Stars cannot shine...

Stars cannot shine without darkness ~ Just as we cannot function without sleep 

Sleeping is very good for you as you know, but did you realise that an alarm clock isn't that good for us?

In traditional cultures you never woke a soothsayer. Waking them suddenly from their dreaming was dangerous to their essence. Not giving them time to collect all of their soul fragments from beyond the veil.

Maybe this is one reason why in our modern world there is so much modern day stress and mental health disorders.

Ideally, sleep with the curtains slightly apart so you return from dreamland gradually as the dawn approaches and light returns.

Yes,I know what you are thinking.... weekends only then! (lol)


  1. As I'm off work at the moment Jen I am finding I sometimes am waking a lot later because I don't put yhe alarm on. Heaven. X

  2. Thank Sue, for the reply... lol

  3. I agree that alarm clocks and other unexpected noises can disorient me if I'm in a deep sleep. I feel less edgy if I wake up naturally. My other half knows not to wake me up unless it's an emergency! Perhaps I was a soothsayer in a previous life - or maybe I'm just trying to justify the morning lie in and afternoon nap.

  4. lol... thanks Julie.. and yes you were !!!