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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Space Clearing

Space Clearing 

Over time negative emotional and mental residual energy gathers and accumulates in our homes and workplaces. This residual energy has an effect on the people living there, whether they are aware of it or not. Its a good idea to consciously remove this energy with a space clearing ritual or intention. 

Smudging can be used for yourself, for others, together with your rituals, for your altar and sacred space, healing, spiritual ceremonies and blessings.

What is smudging?

Smudging is a spiritual way to purify, sanctify, clear or bless a place or a person. It has been used around the world by native traditions such as the native American tradition from the beginning of time. Smudging is done with a bundle of sacred herbs such as tobacco, sweetgrass, sage, palo santo or cedar. Other sacred herbs or a blend of herbs can be used.

The really important thing about smudging is not the amount of smoke created but the sacred connection you make with the herb in use.

Before starting you should do a small ritual. This can be a short meditation or a simple blessing ceremony or anything that helps you to connect with the sacredness of life and the sacredness of the actual purifying herb being used.

Practical Side to Smudging
  • You need to use a fireproof container for the smudge stick. 
  • Note that during smudging burning bits may fall off so if smudging indoors or around a person you must be very careful. 
  • General fire awareness and common sense is needed when using fire indoors. 
  • Having access to a bowl of water when smudging. 
  • If you use Abalone shells or other shells with sage or other herbs you may put a layer of soil or sand into the shell to protect it as the smudge could leave burn marks into it. 
Here at Healing Waters we use Palo Santo

Palo Santo ~ Holy Wood
  • Palo Santo “Holy Wood” is one of the most important trees used in botanical medicines throughout South America. 
  • The Palo Santo tree belongs to the same family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh. 
  • These Palo Santo sticks can be used as a 100% natural incense. 
  • Palo Santo sticks do produce lots of wonderfully scented smoke which is suitable for spiritual and religious activities such as ceremonies, rituals or spiritual healing.

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