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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Goddess of the Corn

Today I've picked a oracle card for our thoughts and musings.

From The Goddess Inspiration Oracle Set.

Today we have:

Changing Woman ~ Goddess of the Corn
She is also known as Estsanatlehi

Her Message to us today is: All of life's seasons bring blessings - appreciate them.

Her deeper message to us is about transition and the allowing of change.  As we move through endless changes in our lives we can walk them with grace and confidence. To use the elements of the earth and to empower ourselves and understand that we can accept the changes and welcome the blessings that they bring.

Estsanatlehi is the Apache and Navajo name for the Great Goddess known as the Changing Woman or Turquoise Woman. 

Estsanatlehi (pronounced es-tan-AHT-lu-hee),  She never grew old. When her age began to show, she simply walked toward the east until she saw her form coming toward herself. She kept walking until her young self merged with her aging self and then, renewed, returned to her home.
  • As the seasons change, so does her appearance, reminding us of time’s movement and the earth’s cycles
  • Estsanatlehi represents the changing of the seasons of the earth and the resulting changes in our life. 
  • Call upon Estsanatlehi when you want to feel younger and feel the need to renew yourself. 
  • She asks that you use Turquoise to help renew yourself and your outlook on life.


  1. Thanks Jen am enjoying your blogging. Love helpful ditties. X

  2. I'm also enjoying the blogs. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just walk into our young selves? Even if it was just to chat instead of getting rid of the wrinkles. Perhaps it could be the topic of one of your meditations.